Cheap international Phone calls

Cheap International Phone calls

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Cheap Phone Calls from the UK using 'Instant dial' override providers

Make cheap international phone calls using override service providers companies like Telestunt, Pennyphone, Telediscount, Dialwise, Dialaround, Ratebuster and others. Many telecom companies in the UK offer cheap phone calls through what is known as dialthrough access numbers - or override service. To take advantage of this, all you need to do is dial a dialthrough access number, then your international number (including the 00 prefix). Sometimes they offer promotional prices and you can make international phone calls from as little as 1 pense per minute. Even without promotional prices on international calls you can find really cheap prices for most destinations, much cheaper than using BT, NTL or any other big telecom company.

- No registration - No credit cards - No pre-payment - No account to open - No contract -

Most popular destinations for cheap international phone calls:

Australia :: Bahrain :: Brasil :: China :: France :: Hong Kong :: India :: Iraq :: Ireland :: Japan :: Jordan :: Libya :: Lithuania :: Macedonia :: Malaysia :: Mauritius :: New Zeland :: Pakistan :: Poland :: Russia :: Spain :: South Africa :: Spain :: Turkey :: UAE :: USA


What do you need to phone to India? Right, you need a destination phone and the access number.

  1. Dial the dialthrough access number
  2. ...then dial  (India code: 0091) + (area code) + (destination number)
  3. Start Talking !

How do you pay for cheap call to India? The cost of the call will be added to your normal monthly phone bill.  You just pay your monthly bill as usual.  No account to create or credit card details needed.  So for example, if you make a 5 minute call to India from a BT phone via access number which is charged at 5 p/min; Next time you get your BT bill you will see a call to access number, a duration of 5 minutes and a total charge of 5 min x 5p = 25p. Furthermore, before each call, telecom operator will confirm the current call charge per minute so you will know exactly what the call is going to cost, no unpleasant surprises!

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